need help with laptop adapter plug broken

vcandrews, Jul 1, 11:21pm
Need help with laptop adapter plug broken i bought a laptop secon hand the charger appears to be chipped in the part tht goes into the laptop the laptop wont charge im hoping this is the problem so if i buy a new adapter i know it will work
is there a way to find out id it is the adapter

_sexylady_, Jul 1, 11:22pm
Make and model of laptop ? just out of interest

vcandrews, Jul 1, 11:28pm
Its a hp i dotn have it with me at the moment its about 4 yrs old

_sexylady_, Jul 1, 11:35pm
Some shops might let you test one of their adapters, with the understanding that if it works you then purchase it, more than likely be looking for a Universal Notebook Adapter.

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