AVG security anti spy and virus thing install

marbev, Dec 12, 9:34am
Hi we are trying to install the free anti virus thing, what is the difference betwween 63 bit and 32! how do I know which one we need! thanks

mark.52, Dec 12, 9:46am
That would be 32/64 bit, not 63.

You need to find out the version of Windows you are using. Right click the "computer" (or "my computer" ) icon, select "properties", and examine the data displayed within.

If in doubt from reading that, post back what it says here, but it should be pretty clear.

Not what you ask, but for what it's worth, I prefer Avast to AVG, by a large margin.

marbev, Dec 12, 10:06am
what is avast! never heard of it. will go and check the things, you said, yep, 64. my 63 was a typo. thanks

marbev, Dec 12, 10:07am
we have windows 7.

marbev, Dec 12, 10:08am
thanks, it says 64, didnt know one could right click on the icons such as computer. lol not really a computer guru in our house.

hakatere1, Dec 12, 3:10pm
I think avg had it's day. Doesn't seem very popular now. I even gave up avast for panda cloud.far better in my opinion and unobtrusive.

mark.52, Dec 12, 9:18pm
64bit it probably is, then.
You can get the same info by opening the control panel and opening "system". (Windows seems to offer a few different ways to open the same thing.)

I've been using Avast (free) antivirus for over 5 years, without a problem. Learned a bit about computers from their forum, which is particularly helpful.

Others recommend Panda Cloud -seems to have a good rep - Avira, or (not so often, now) Microsoft Security Essentials.

I've never had a reason to need/want to change.

mark.52, Dec 12, 9:20pm
Oh, by the way, after you've downloaded the installation file for your new antivirus, but BEFORE installing it, you need to remove whatever antivirus is already on the machine.
This is done via "control panel > programs and features"

magus, Dec 13, 1:16am
Hakatere, I agree AVG is now Bloatware !Used to be good, but now is worse than the Norton products that it was supposed to be an alternative to.
Its quite hard to find good free Antivirus now

mark.52, Dec 13, 3:22am
Say what!

paulmc, Dec 14, 1:05am
It's not hard. Avast works fine but the only problem with it is that it slowed down browsing speed for a couple of minutes whenever it updated which happened every day so I changed to Panda Cloud.I agree with several comments I have read in the message board saying that Panda Cloud is the best free anti-virus.

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