New Blackberry looks like iPhone5!

geek_nzoomed, Dec 15, 4:35 pm

I can only see one tiny picture so can't really tell what it looks like. Looks a bit more rounded on the corners, looks thicker and it's black and white but on my device the picture is tiny and won't enlarge so, with my shocking eyesight, I am none the wiser, lol.

geek_carlie, Dec 16, 12:42 pm

geek_540trickzter, Dec 16, 1:03 pm

If being rectangular and having rounded corners makes it look like an iPhone. then yes I guess it does. Otherwise I don't see the resemblance.

geek_suicidemonkey, Dec 16, 1:46 pm

So, yes.

Or did you miss the essence of Apple's vast lawsuit against Samsung!

geek_little_egypt, Dec 16, 2:07 pm

I glossed over it. I try not to waste my time with things as ridiculous as trying to patent a shape. =/

geek_suicidemonkey, Dec 16, 2:09 pm

yeah well, they cant patent the shape, so dont know why samsung lost in this case.

geek_nzoomed, Dec 20, 9:32 pm

that looks nothing the an iphone.

geek_fordcrzy, Dec 20, 9:44 pm

Looks like an iP5 to me without the home button, just as the article says.
I think Apple need to get a life if they think that everyone is copying them, all plasma TV's look the same too at a distance.

geek_nzoomed, Dec 20, 10:38 pm

It's not just about individual elements, it's about hte whole look and feel of the user interface.

Funny, we've been here before too;,_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corporation

geek_little_egypt, Dec 20, 10:44 pm

Think of the shit we'd be in if Pythagoras patented the triangle.

geek__sms_, Dec 20, 10:44 pm

I wonder if RIM like Nokia have truly missed the boat.! Time will tell.!
Am thinking of the solid presence of Samsung now surpassing Nokia in Cell phone sales let aloneApple and smart phones ,with Android dominant.
Then there is Huewai still hanging in there and a future force to be reckoned with. And what about Google who now own Motoralla.!
Interesting times in a crowded market.

geek_jeeves-50, Dec 21, 12:44 am

i bet steve jobs last thoughts on his death bed were "what a fkn waste of time arguing over shapes"

geek_quotejoss, Dec 21, 3:19 am