How to get rid of subtitles on tv.

may321, Dec 16, 7:09am
Hi there.I have telstra sky and have subtitles coming up on the tv which are annoying.I am wondering if anyone can help.cant see where to get rid of them.would it be on the tv remote.or the sky remote.please Help.
and can anyone tell me how to turn them off.

may321, Dec 16, 7:34am
bumping this tread.

mgc54, Dec 16, 7:45am
To clarify. is this Telstra Clear Cable TV or SKY satellite TV!

may321, Dec 16, 7:51am
I have sky thru telstra clear digital cable.

lostdude, Dec 16, 8:00am

may321, Dec 16, 8:39am
Hey lostdude.that link is for sky.not telstra digital cable sky

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