Visione TV

holdenss, Dec 19, 4:18am
Anyone know anything about It! cant seem to find any info on it as to whether its any good! selling at Harvey Norman (This isnt the Warehouse brand either Viera) cheers!

datoofairy, Dec 19, 4:23am
My daughter has one in her bedroom. For the price, its a good wee tv. Very clear picture, sounds good, Freeview works well.It has the PVR, which is good for her but is not a substitute for a proper recorder.
The only thing I could criticise it for would be that they are incredibly light. We drilled holes in the base and screwed it to a shelf, as even a gentle bump would have had it on the floor.

holdenss, Dec 19, 4:26am
Cheers datoofairy!

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