Epson Stylus TX110 PRINTER driver

bjmh, Dec 20, 3:14am
trying to connect my old printer to new computer running win 7,i used the original installation disc.It won't print,when i troubleshoot it,it requires the above,so i follow the download of the driver from epson's site.go thru the download until finally i get a message that it won't download to windows.thats what it says.I can scan something from the printer/scanner and import it,so i guess the basic connection is o.k.any ideas !

gilco2, Dec 20, 3:41am
I just tried downloading from Epson NZ site and downloaded no problem. windows 7 driver using windows 7 to download.

bjmh, Dec 20, 3:51am
just redid it and it worked a treat,i typed in Epson NZ .maybe i was on an overseas site.who cares it works.cheers for your input.gilco2 i owe you a virtual beer ha ha.

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