Laptop advice please

Already posted in parenting someone suggested I ask in here.

Alrighty, on Miss 13's 'wish list' she desperately wants a laptop and has done for a long long time. The main reason she wants one is to play her sims games as she currently uses hubbys work laptop lol, and to do school work etc. What is the cheapest one you know of that is reliable and will do what she needs etc! Not sure if we'll get it or anything but just wanting options. TIA.

geek_twogirlsandaboy, Dec 21, 10:44 am

I know very little about specs of computers etc, just know how to use them lol. But would something like this be any good!

geek_twogirlsandaboy, Dec 21, 10:49 am

Consider having a look around at some of the stores Windows 7 clearance laptops. My understanding is that you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $20 if that's what you want or it also gives you the choice to stick with Win7. There are some very good clearance prices out there as the retailers don't want "yesterdays" technology sat there in their shops. I just got $600 off the laptop I'd had my eye on for a while and only reason is Windows 7

geek_papamower, Dec 21, 10:58 am

Great idea, thanks! Do most big retailers do that!

geek_twogirlsandaboy, Dec 21, 11:01 am

Yes but been a while now so not as much left I wouldn't think plus won't be on their websites

geek_papamower, Dec 21, 11:03 am