Latest Apple iPad with Retina Display 16GB Wi-Fi B

What do u reckon!

$ 699.00TODAY'S DEAL

geek_tuppy, Dec 21, 11:59 am

duh am I on a list

geek_tuppy, Dec 21, 6:11 pm

I saw brand new one on Amazon for $399 plus $54 shipping to NZ.

geek_mone, Dec 21, 10:10 pm

$30 cheaper than the RRP, yeah great deal, not.

geek_mattnzw, Dec 21, 11:13 pm

re Amazon price, will you get hit with Customs duty for that!

geek_andrew.t, Dec 22, 5:40 pm

Yes. So that works out to be NZ$632 to get it here. Not really worth it.

geek_lugee, Dec 22, 8:18 pm

16 gbs not much.

geek_lee5, Dec 22, 9:51 pm