Ipads 3G and or Wifi help

julsey, Dec 21, 4:38am
If you have a wifi only ipad can youconnect a usb t stick to access the internet! or do you need the 3G/wifi model. Thanks just trying to decide what would be best for me

ccgirl48, Dec 21, 4:39am
my ipad does not have a usb port in it. Do any of them!

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 5:20am
iPads do not have USB ports so you cannot use a USB modem

You can, however, use the internet connection from most smartphones. This is called tethering. Note that while tethering battery life will suffer somewhat on the phone

julsey, Dec 21, 5:34am
ok, if I had just a wifi ipad, and I am travelling about and there are no wifi hotspots, does this mean I can't access the internet. Or is there another option to get around this. eg a modem for ipads! Thanks!

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 5:38am
As above, you can tether to a smartphone, or alternatively a dedicated device such as this http://www.vodafone.co.nz/shop/mobileInternetDetails.jsp!skuId=sku10850013 (other providers have them too)

andrew.t, Dec 22, 4:43am
Roaming 3G is such a rip off here in NZ, have you seen how little they pay for it in Australia!!

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