Is dvi output that much clearer than vga

geminidragon, Dec 22, 4:43am
your opinions as i could not really notice a huge difference

thebigratchet, Dec 22, 4:51am
Basically, I couldn't find any visual difference between DVI and VGA becuase one of my monitors uses DVI and VGA connections but stuck with VGA for now because my other PC's motherboard blew its core choke up and that system used DVI. The one I'm using now uses VGA. The only difference between DVI and VGA technically is that DVI has the ability to use more different display modes than VGA. And DVI "is" hotpluggable, unlike VGA.

geminidragon, Dec 22, 5:17am

suicidemonkey, Dec 22, 5:58am
No you probably wouldn't notice a difference.

I believe the benefits of DVI are longer cables before quality is lost, higher resolution support.

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 10:56am
Can also depend on your PC - some have pretty shocking output quality through VGA, others are fine

thewomble1, Dec 22, 12:05pm
DVI sounds more posh.

geminidragon, Dec 22, 5:46pm
you can buy dvi to hdmi adapters so thats one plus

segadc, Dec 22, 6:23pm
Only with DVI-A and DVI-I connections. DVI-D being digital only doesn't support the adapters.

DVI is a digital interface (although some versions do support analogue) while VGA is analogue. There should be no discernable difference in quality between the two except when analogue signal degradation comes into play; usually at super high resolutions or long cable runs.

tillsbury, Dec 23, 6:17am
Yes, only relevant at higher resolutions.DVI can also run dual-DVI which is required if going up to 2560x1600 or higher.

black-heart, Dec 23, 9:23am
It's very noticeable. Ask anyone whose had 2 identical screens set up as dual displays and 1 is on VGA.

stevexc, Dec 24, 6:54am
He said DVI to HDMI so he is correct, it has nothing to do with DVI to VGA.

badcam, Dec 24, 7:23am
Not true. I have two 23" monitors set up this way, and there is no discernible difference.As Vtec said though, it can also depend upon your PC.

segadc, Dec 24, 9:08am
True. Didn't read it properly, I always have 100x more people asking for VGA adapters than HDMI adapters.

segadc, Dec 24, 9:09am
Ditto, at 1920x1080.

geminidragon, Dec 24, 5:09pm
hmmmfood for thought

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