TV reception

jessie01, Dec 24, 3:19am
Hi there we have just moved and I am wondering how t0 set up my tv properly. It is plugged into the outside airiel (sp) but it keeps going all pixilated if that makes any sense.

gyrogearloose, Dec 24, 3:33am
Presuming your problem is with FreeviewHD, my first suggestion is to retune the Freeview channels on the TV.

If there is no improvement, I would suspect the outside aerial is either misaligned in polarity or direction, or is connected with poor cable, or is just useless. You can buy new aerials and cable at Mitre10 etc.

spyware, Dec 24, 3:37am
Consult an antenna installer as nothing much you can do, retuning the TV is entirely pointless unless you have moved to an area covered by a completely different transmitter.

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