BEWARE! windows8 -printer driver,&more*ISSUES*!-!

I highly recommend people do not buy or rent computers with windows 8 installed. My printer will not install, my childrens entire sims2 collection wont install, I dont think I'll even bother trying to install our photoshop, encyclopeidias, or anything else previously purchased as its not worth the disapointment.Microsoft have changed the driver software so unless you can afford to replace everything with new - stick to windows 7 or below. I'm so disgusted. *BUYER BEWARE*

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 1:15 pm

On the hardware side same thing happened when XP came out, and again when Vista came out and again when 7 came out (to a lesser extent)

As for software all that stuff should work fine with the possible exception of ancient games which can require some effort to get up and running

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 27, 1:25 pm

I've installed literally 100+ programs on Windows 8. No problem at all.
Printer drivers may be a problem. Sometimes you have to do some geeky tweaking to get them to work.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 1:52 pm

I do have to admit, the 4 printers that work for me have all been attached via a network share or are network printers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:10 pm

mostly liking windows 8. taking a bit to get used to. biggest gripe for me is cant get outlook express for emails Or is there an alternative option for emails.

geek_mops4, Dec 27, 2:14 pm

Its not windows 8 thats the problem -its the old software and printers

geek_michellew2k, Dec 27, 2:14 pm

yes they wil linstall if the files are on another computer you are connected to. Im so hacked off! Ive been trying to download the printer driver to no avail - it just wont install. Same with sims which ran fine on windows 7. Kids are so disapointed. Frankly I feel like throwing the dam thing out the window.

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:17 pm

No its the windows 8 setup that is the problem.

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:18 pm

For email, I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird (if you want to keep the email downloaded), or just use a web browser and read it on Note: You can get gmail to suck down mail from your other email addresses every 30 minutes.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:19 pm

Throw it this way would ya :)Loving windows 8!What printer you trying to hookup!

geek_r-tech, Dec 27, 2:21 pm

No but yes I sure do feel like it - so dam rude of microsoft! Printer is epson cx5500.

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:23 pm

Sims 2
"hi! well, as i said first thing you need is already installed game on another computer or on your computer but in previous version of windows. you just have to copy sims 2 folders (core game and all the addons) in your new system. for the second step i discovered by now even easier way to edit the registry, so you need this program called sims addon integrator (SInt), it will create all the paths automatically. just google it and when after installing and launching click on "sInt" button in the upper left corner, then click on "????????????????????? ??????????????????" (the program is in russian so i don't know how to explain this another way, sorry), find your sims 2 folder, press "ok" and the program will do the rest itself.
if you are having problems finding SInt text me in pm cause i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post links here."!t=24607

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:25 pm

Try - but beware of sites that send you around in circles or ask for money.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:29 pm

cheers rg for all that :) unfortunately no good for me as my other computer cooked.Really appreciate the help though. I think its pretty ridiculous that the only way people can reinstallcertainthings is with access to prior windows setups and older computers - pathetic on Microsofts part. Why didnt they just add the required software to their new space age set up - its not like they couldnt have. Bloody rip off.

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:30 pm

Official sites are safer. I see Windows 8 & Windows 8 64-bit links here:!sCategory=Multi_Functional&id=styluscx5500&SelOS=Y

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:31 pm

Thing is rg Ive been around in circles for two days - lots of places to get the files - installation is a whole different ball game. Thanks so much though for posting the link :)

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:32 pm

try here!sCategory=Multi_Functional&id=styluscx5500&SelOS=Y You will need to choose windows 8, or windows 8 64 bit.If you're not sure, go to the right hand side of the desktop screen (If you've got all the tiles up click on desktop first).Click on settings, click on control panel, click on system.The window that comes up will gives you a line that says system type.Will say something like 64-bit Operating System if it is.Let me know if that helps

geek_r-tech, Dec 27, 2:37 pm

Could also be that you're not logged in as an administrator on the machine so it won't let you install the drivers if you've got the correct ones.

geek_r-tech, Dec 27, 2:37 pm

Thank you so much for all those details and the link :)I'll try it now .

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:39 pm

LoL! Please dont get me started on that one! I am the administrator and the only user but guess what . it keeps telling me I'm not! I have a windows service pack 3 I tried to install thinking maybe it would help with these £%:**! glitches . Ive checked that I'm administrator, and have re logged on and retried several times = and failed.

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 2:42 pm

There are no service packs for Windows 8 (yet).
The standard 'administrator' in Windows 8 has less power than previously. But in most cases, right-click a setup.exe & 'Run as administrator' is all you need.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 2:47 pm

Quick look under user accounts in the control panel should tell you. windows is such fun ;)How'd you go with the drivers from Epson!

geek_r-tech, Dec 27, 2:49 pm

I'm just trying now . I went outside for a filthy cigarette and coffee first lol . I decided I needed to chill before i tried your link! I cant remember the last time I felt so vexed!

eta . yes I'm definately the administrator, so it tells me . just before it says I have to relog in! aaaAAArGGHH . ho hum

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 3:00 pm

r-tech . you are a wizard! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou - it worked lol . I now have the driver & I'll install the rest of the software. I am very very grateful! Can you help with sims2 too lol

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 3:10 pm

I dont know why but installation of the printer failed even though the driver was installed successfully :(

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 3:17 pm

hmmm old stuff works on new linux.

geek_velenski, Dec 27, 3:20 pm

Some of the time.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 27, 3:21 pm

r-tech . ran install again & this time it went through without a hitch :)

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 3:31 pm

r-tech . ran install again & this time it went through without a hitch :)

eta . and just successfully printed a page! Fank dog! Ifelt like I was going mental lol

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 3:31 pm

something else I haven't found yet.( just had the new laptop a few days )
Cant work out how to set up my favourites as I could in XP. need more help. thanks

geek_mops4, Dec 27, 3:33 pm

The process hasn't changed, press Ctrl+D or click the star (which is now over near the top right corner)

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 27, 3:37 pm

thanks easy when you know how

geek_mops4, Dec 27, 3:44 pm

Having a quick looks seems a common problem with The Sims 2 not liking windows 8. I'd say for the sake of sanity an upgrade to The Sims 3 might be a good idea.Looks like $47 at EB Games ( )

Can't say I've played it so never tried myself :)Glad the printer's going thou

geek_r-tech, Dec 27, 4:06 pm

Me too :) LoL . yip theres no pointkeeping a game the girls cant play - took years to get the full collection too. I'll sell it to fund the upgrade lol . with a warning on the auction 'Do not bid if you are running windows 8'
Thanks again very very much. I'm happy I don't have to buy a new printer :)

geek_zan444, Dec 27, 4:12 pm

You may need to visit the printer manufacturers site to find the latest drivers, had to do this for a canon printer less than three months old

geek_tjl2008, Dec 27, 11:07 pm

You could try this one called " Sylpheed 3.2" apparently very similar to outlook express

geek_tjl2008, Dec 27, 11:13 pm

You could try to install the programs with the compatibility mode set to earlier version of windows, this set them to run in if or example to run as windows 7 even though the op system is actually windows 8. I have photoshop running on my windows 8 machine indict installs and runs fine but this may depend on what version your are trying to install. Hope this helps.

geek_tjl2008, Dec 27, 11:18 pm