Myob vs Xero or other

ravenhawk, Jan 2, 10:33am
Thanks gj for your very informative comments, and summery of MYOB and Quickbooks
Very helpful I will look into the quickbooks as well ??

cameragod, Jan 2, 7:30pm
I've been using Quickbooks for that last 12 years. Mostly its very good. Some of their support is a bit 'meh' though.
I was angry when they didn't support the GST change on the 2009/10 version of their Quickbooks but eventually worked out a way to do it without having to buy an upgrade.

r-tech, Jan 2, 7:34pm
I'd say quickbooks or myob (non hosted).Have used both, prefer quickbooks.I believe you can download a demo of both versions.So might be an idea to give them a try for yourself and see which one feels right for you.End of the day, different packages suit different peoples way of thinking and doing things.

bwg11, Jan 4, 3:26am
Just to reinforce what gj said. The reporting aspect of MYOB is poor and inflexible. There will be useful reports and analyses you haven't even thought of yet if your business is new. Go for the reporting capability of quickbooks

ravenhawk, Jan 4, 10:33pm
Once again thanks for comments, and while I totally appreciate the value of reporting, one of my priorities is inventory as it is so time consuming keeping it up to date.

gj, Jan 4, 10:43pm
If you want full inventory functionality download Quickbooks Small Business for a free trial -
If you need payroll as well you could try QB Professional or use a separate payroll like ACE Payroll.

gj, Jan 4, 10:43pm
If you want full inventory functionality download Quickbooks Small Business for a free trial -
If you need payroll as well you could try QB Professional or use a separate payroll like ACE Payroll.

[Edit] Have just been to the Quicken website - it looks like you now have to contact them direct for a trial copy

amuso, Jan 5, 1:54am
I haven't used them but Vend is an online service - vendhq.comThere is a try free button on their home page.

ravenhawk, Dec 27, 11:10pm
I have a small retail/service business and am looking at options to save time and make life easier. Hopefully spend less time doing paperwork. I would like to know pro and cons of the different applications from people that have used them i.e ease of use, time to set up, time saved, info given and if they work out to be value for money. Would appreciate any opinions.

wotz_it_2_ya, Dec 28, 2:33am
What exactly do you want it to do! MYOB and Xero are generally full accounting systems that deal with debtors and creditors. Another option is a cashbook system, which is available from both MYOB and Xero (might need to go through a Xero reseller for it) plus a multitude of other suppliers. If you need cashbook and debtors other options are cashbook complete and Banklink (you need a banklink reseller for that).

Xero is probably the easiest to use, but not the cheapest. Cashbook Complete would be one of the cheapest, but not the easiest to use.

mattnzw, Dec 28, 7:00am
Xero is great. Saves heaps of time, and the amount of time you save should more than pay the cost of it. The only downside is that you need an internet connection, as it is cloud based. So if your ISP is down, or they cease trading you can't do your accounts. MYOB is good, but it is a bigger learning curve, so you may need to spend more time and money going on a course to learn it.

ravenhawk, Dec 28, 11:08am
Thanks for your comments, Sorry I didn't explain very well. I need to keep tract of customer base, and history, invoicing, inventory, debtors, creditors and matching them up, and of course GST. I have internet connection.I have also looked at invoiceit which has good write ups. I will check out Cashbook complete.
I am a reasonably new business so not to flush a with the cash and most goes back into the business at present

tillsbury, Dec 28, 7:58pm
Also check out Moneyworks, which I've been running happily for eight or nine years now, works out quite cheap per year.You need to find out your specific requirements that are going to determine what product you need -- in my case, for example, it was that most of my customers are branches of a parent company and the invoicing/statements go to the head office but the packing slips go to the branches.At the time there were very few systems that could properly handle this, it may be different now.

wotz_it_2_ya, Dec 28, 8:44pm
Xero doesn't do stock. Invoiceit appears to focus on the invoicing process. With what you want out of it, you need a full accounting system like MYOB, Quickbooks. You will need to be prepared to learn how to use whatever you choose. You can't expect to get a full feature system and not put any effort into it.

ooseven1, Dec 28, 9:45pm
Vend works with xero and does the inventory/point of sale side of things.
Is an online solution if thats what op wants, else yes MYOB/Quick is are other solutions

gj, Dec 28, 10:59pm
I have used various versions of Quickbooks for many years and it does just about everything. Its the largest selling system for small businesses in AUS. In NZ MYOBs popularity was helped when they merged with Solution 6 which was sold by Accountants. IMO Quickbooks is much easier to use for running a business whereas MYOB is more aligned to accountants.

Talk to your accountant first - whatever system you use should be able to interface with your accountant if you want to save money - you don't want to pay them to re-enter all your transactions again.

wotz_it_2_ya, Dec 29, 3:37am
What a load of bollocks. Usually the one of those you learn first is the one you prefer. I'm guessing you were a quickbooks user first.

king1, Dec 29, 5:05am
Is he not allowed a personal opinion!

gj, Dec 29, 6:06am
Actually no - I have used, sold and supported both for many years. Yes - preference is a matter of opinion, but one system suits some users better than others depending on how they want to use it. A good consultant will understand the user's business before making a recommendation either way.

If flexible reporting is important for example, let me quote an independent Accounting coach:

One of MYOB??

gj, Dec 29, 6:12am
To make your choice a little more complex - be aware there are 7 different editions of Quickbooks to suit different needs, plus 3 online hosted versions.
For MYOB there are 3 versions for PCs and 2 for Macs plus online hosting.
I refer to my earlier post - talk to your accountant first.

badcam, Dec 29, 7:38am
Nice posts.

guest, Aug 4, 5:58am
Hello!I'm not sure if this has been directly anserewd, I did read through but it was a lot! You do seem very knowledgeable. I have one user that I would like for her to only be able to 1) Create Invoices (have this one taken care of) and 2) Enter Accounts Payable ..Only ENTER. I do not want her to see account balances (our company bank balances), I don't want her to have access to pay the bills but could possibly live with it Is this possible? My goal is to have someone simply enter the bills as they arrive so that I can take care of it from there.Thanks in advance!

guest, Aug 4, 11:43pm
I have locked out a user from setvinise information like payroll. But she is able to pull up the payroll regestry and see the net amount paid to employees (owners payroll). How can I keep one bank register from being opened with out effecting the this person from opening other bank registers?

guest, Aug 7, 2:02am
Beege, If you give access to that user for A/P, then you could exucdle permission for sensitive accounting information and that should keep them out of the bank stuff. But since paying bills is at the heart of A/P, that's going to be available for them if you give access to A/P data.Thanks for the question.

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