Are the HTC phones any good?

a4z, Dec 27, 11:20pm
Please and thank you :0)

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 27, 11:35pm
Depends on the individual phone. The HTC, the HTC One X isn't too bad. What one are you looking at!

a4z, Dec 27, 11:38pm
The htc desire x

a4z, Dec 27, 11:41pm
It's that or the galaxy ace plus

swfc1867, Dec 27, 11:46pm
I've got an HTC One X. Specification-wise, it's fairly similar to the Samsung S3.

The only downside is that the battery life isn't as good as the S3's, but not by much. However, the One X+ that's due for release (if it hasn't already been), is supposed to have a longer life battery (1800mAh for the One X vs 2100mAH for the One X+). Another thing that some people don't like about it is that it's a sealed unit. i.e. you can't replace the battery or expand the memory, but it has 32GB as standard, which is plenty. I don't see it as an issue.

I've just got my wife a Desire X, which, for the money, looks a pretty good buy.

vtecintegra, Dec 28, 12:46am
The main issue with current HTC Android phones is the software skin they run is horrible.

Desire X looks like a pretty good deal though, at that price point the Samsungs are pretty rubbish TBH. Do consider the Sony Xperia P though, nice design and great camera

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 28, 1:27am
People either love sense or they hate it, same with touchwiz really.

spacies_nz, Dec 28, 1:45am
Touchwiz is worse than HTC Sense.

owene, Dec 28, 4:21am
Yip I have an A310e Explorer and would buy another if this one karked itself. Some will say that it's too small but the smallness makes it easy to put in a pocket.

vtecintegra, Dec 28, 4:27am
Not in the current versions IMO - Sense is ugly AND messes with how stuff works AND decreases performance whereas Touchwiz is pretty much just ugly

shyly, Dec 28, 5:46am
Ive had my HTC Inspire for almost a year, i rooted it and running android revolution. Battery life isexcellent and with 32gb i have ample storage.

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