Connecting s3 to samsung smart tv

bohemian4, Dec 28, 6:00pm
Our Samsung Smart TV LED 6000 series key board is difficult to manage and I would like to navigate the TV smart hub with my Galaxy S3. Hope this makes sence. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

intrade, Dec 28, 6:40pm
dont know i just use the mouse and the virtual keyboard on my samsung led tv .

daniel993, Dec 28, 8:38pm
Download this app for your phone make sure your wifi is turned on. Once you have done that the app will pick up your TV very easy.!

bohemian4, Dec 29, 6:58am
Hi Daniel. Thanks for your advice. My S3 said that the app was incompatible. Can you give me another clue.

jhan, Dec 29, 7:13am
We used bluetooth, the tv gives you a code to enter on your phone and then they are paired.

daniel993, Dec 29, 11:02pm
I have a S2 so dont see why it would not work with your S3

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 11:06pm
Probably because its an old app coded before HD screens like the SGS3 has were around

daniel993, Dec 29, 11:26pm
Yes your right. I just read some reviews of the app and S3 users say does not work.

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