Wanting to go to a new e.mail server

roz12, Dec 29, 11:19pm
im with farmside, but there access is such a fad and want to use another server, but keeping farmside a/c, but unsure who to use that will keep my farmside address,( was on incredimail on last computer, but having trouble setting this up on current computer)
if anyone can understand what ive just asked your input would be appriciated

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 11:26pm
If you want to keep using the farmside email address you'll need to check whether the address will keep working - these days you often have to pay to keep the email address active.

Also you'll probably find you can only access via webmail once you change your ISP

Really it'd be best to take this opportunity to switch to a different email provider, one that isn't connected to your ISP (eg Gmail, Outlook.com etc). This means if you want to change ISP again in the future you can continue using the same address

roz12, Dec 29, 11:30pm
just our broadband, phone etc are through them
and before you say switch users, where we live all the other companies say we dont exist, as this area used to be its own little town and had its own exchange, so most broadband/phone services cannot find us even with satilite

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 11:32pm
So what do you mean by 'switch server'!

r.g.nixon, Dec 29, 11:33pm
roz12 - do you mean you want to change ISP! Or do you just want to use a different email program! Or do you just want to use a different email address!
(These choices can be all independent of each other).

roz12, Dec 29, 11:38pm
different program as i said i had gone onto incredimail, but have heard some real bad things about them, and now wondered what else was out there

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 11:40pm

r.g.nixon, Dec 29, 11:46pm
The "email server" is a computer that sits at Farmside and collects your mail for you. It is like a Post Office.

You collect the mail by means of an "email client" - a program such as a web browser (to read it remotely), or a program such as Thunderbird (to shift it onto your computer, or read it remotely).

roz12, Dec 30, 1:05am
have downloaded thunderbird

thanks guys

hakatere1, Dec 30, 3:23am
Your post is so bloody hard to read, but we are on farmside and use mailwasher to check and delete rubbish on server and Eudora5 email client to download it into mailbox. You can use any client you like except incredimail, it's broken now, just crap rubbish. I agree, it's a mission to check mail on the website. Just checking your usage now is an endless job of clicking and backtracking.

hakatere1, Dec 30, 3:34am
At the moment, how I get around the round-a-bout way of getting into emails and usage, is once you're finally there, bookmark it and then it's just a matter of going to bookmark, clicking and it takes you there without logging in even. Don't know if the lack of security will suit you, but it suits me.

lythande1, Dec 30, 4:33am
Incredimail is an email program.
This has nothing to do with who you use email trhough, it is the program you use to access the emails.
There is Outlook, Thunderbird and so on.

Now servers - this is the storage the ISP has that you then use to get your email. The @farmside.co.nz, or @xtra.co.nz or whatever.
If this is what you are wanting to chnage, then you either have to switch ISPs or use a 3rd party email compnay such as hotmail or gmail.

Personally I'd go with gmail.

But the two things are not the same. It is not clear what you want to change - email providers or email programs.

roz12, Dec 30, 7:28am
ok so i used wrong termanolgy, but was able to be understood, and have now downloaded a program, now all i need is someone to e.mail me :)

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