Video Driver?

gypsy271, Dec 30, 10:43pm
Hi there.My laptop which is a Toshiba Satellite is telling me my video driver is incompatible can someone please tell me what I have to do to fix this! Thanks

gyrogearloose, Dec 30, 10:51pm
Install CSI special edition and it will investigate what to do.

gj, Dec 30, 10:56pm
What OS! (Windows version)
Do you have a second screen attached!

gypsy271, Dec 30, 10:57pm
Windows 7 and no I don't

vtecintegra, Dec 30, 10:58pm
What exactly does the message say! When does it appear!

gypsy271, Dec 30, 11:02pm
I was setting up a game for my son to play (Sherlock Holmes) and it just came up in the Toshiba Bulletin Board stating that my video driver is incompatible with this version of windows

hakatere1, Dec 30, 11:44pm
The game requires better video performance than what yours can provide! Just a thought. If it's a boxed game, have a read.

gj, Dec 31, 12:30am
Open device manager (Click Start button then type devmgmt.msc and Enter)
Click Display adapters and double-click the one listed to show details. What is the device name, and what does it say under Manufacturer. Does it say it is working correctly!

little_egypt, Dec 31, 12:45am
I've decided my new years resolution is 1920 x 1200 . just letting you know.

king1, Dec 31, 1:09am
as a thought, maybe the Toshiba Bulletin Board was offering you a driver to update that it found but recognized it was the wrong one.Sounds dumb I know but stranger things have happened

schizoid, Dec 31, 1:58am
ffs, update your video drivers. if that doesnt solve your problem either your hardware is horrifically out of date or the game probably isnt worth playing anyway if it has no driver support.

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