Can u suggest a usb wireless network adapter

Hello and best regards and wishes for 2013.
Now can someone have a quick squizz at the usb wireless network adapters on TM and help me to work out what I need. I have a Technicolor TG582n wireless modem/router and want to connect my non wireless pc to the network. My PC is in another room and as I use a wheelchair I don't want cables on the floor to ride over and destroy.Many thanks.

geek_relic, Dec 31, 12:20 pm

what are the walls in your house made from! cardbord like any nz house or concreet!

geek_intrade, Dec 31, 12:25 pm

you get what is suitable for your pc- google sugested brands.

geek_gabbysnana, Dec 31, 12:28 pm
i would borrow somones usb wireless stick and the driver to see if it works.

geek_intrade, Dec 31, 12:30 pm

a wirless N usb stick is what to look for , you can also have interweb thru the power socket feed from the router in the power and out the socket in what ever roomas other option without extra wiring

geek_intrade, Dec 31, 12:31 pm

I have these running on PCs all over the house, with a booster in the hallway to increase the signal for the den upstairs which is a long way away. They work fine.

geek_morticia, Dec 31, 12:34 pm

timber frame with plasterboard. thanks

geek_relic, Dec 31, 12:35 pm

Cheers and thanks.

geek_relic, Dec 31, 12:36 pm

insulation in walls! if not should work with what ever cheapest usb you can get.

geek_intrade, Dec 31, 12:36 pm