Anyone using VPN for UK & USA TV, Hulu ? etc

tattyrat, Dec 31, 3:36am
Real dummy here, but tired of NZ TV and looking at getting strongvpn more specifically to watch BBC. Does it use heaps of your monthly data allowance! Appreciate any help.

froggyb, Dec 31, 4:45am
cyberghost , free and paid versions worth a look , simple too use , works ok

king1, Dec 31, 6:15am
I have a couple of clients use for that purpose.Video uses quite a bit of data, especially if you use it lots.

tattyrat, Dec 31, 8:15am
Thanks for that king1 We are oldies, don't watch much tv but sick of the cr.p that we get here so will only watch a small amount. Really just want to pick and choose some good programmes.(Hubby a history & cowboybuff ) Down in Chch at the moment but once we get back home to Whitianga next August we are on farmsideas we are out in the bush with only satellite, unlimited between midnight and 8am but after that we really start paying. Just don;t know which way to go.

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