Adobe flash player

each time i load flash player and use works fine but each time laptop turned off i have to reload flash player againhelpplease

geek_easyridernz, Jan 1, 3:49 pm

is it turned off by windows, it can be set to load automaticlly - or be turned off. check your windows settings.

geek_cassandra13, Jan 1, 3:59 pm

Try this:

I had a similar problem with my daughter's lappie last year.

geek_fleursavage, Jan 1, 4:02 pm

If you have it downloaded and installed it properly,you shouldnt have to load it every time you use it as it will just work automatically

geek_newbie5, Jan 1, 10:43 pm

certain apps turn it off- when i use tuneup, you can turn them off and on during loadup.

geek_cassandra13, Jan 1, 11:09 pm

it is probably the Flash updater, not flash itself.

geek_gibler, Jan 2, 11:10 am