Free VPN services

gdf001, Jan 1, 7:02pm
Any recommendations! I would like to watch streaming video from Hulu etc.

danomite, Jan 1, 9:54pm
Download Tor Browser...

king1, Jan 1, 10:46pm
Streaming video = high bandwith = significant cost= good luck with that.
even if you found a free one that allowed video I imagine it would be so limited that it would be useless

gdf001, Jan 2, 1:06am
Thanks, point taken.

wickedtrader, Jan 2, 1:53am for USA sites eg Hulu and Netflix for UK sites eg BBC Those are PPTP VPN so you don't need to install other programs just configure them in the network settings, like the guide below

The easiest way I've found to watch Hulu is to use Chrome and use the Media Hint extension which tricks Hulu into thinking you are in the states

mattnzw, Jan 2, 1:55am
Why don't you want to pay! There is nothing really free, as you get what you pay for.

wickedtrader, Jan 2, 2:02am
Why pay when you can get it for free! I'd rather use my money buying hardware.

Hotfreevpn have decent speeds and work fine for streaming, the only think I dislike is the 8 hour cut off but all you need to do is reconnect and you are good to go again for another 8 hours.

mattnzw, Jan 2, 2:08am
But you can't get a decent service free, that doesn't have some restrictions.Someone also has to pay for it somewhere along the line, as it has a cost.
So you don't buy software!

wickedtrader, Jan 2, 2:20am
No I don't buy software, I use free open-source software.

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