Web Hosting

We are looking for a Web Host, not sure where to start and what is good and what is not, etc
Small site,a home page with minimal graphics and link to two other pages with no graphics

Anyone recommend a hosting company that is suitable for us to use, we don't want to pay $49.95 per month and recieve a heap of freebies that we will never use anyway

geek_betty49, Jan 2, 3:01 am

sites.google.com (free)

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 3:12 am

i use www.247hosting.co.nzand only have a basic site with them for $14 registration per year, and $5.95 a monthonly wanted it for the emails, and a basic page, but comes with all the cpanel features and templates and scripts

geek_shall, Jan 2, 6:48 am

----> 1st domains look more reasonablefor hosting.google 247 ;-)

geek_tmg, Jan 2, 10:35 pm

A lot of Australian hosting companys have some good deals.Under AU$5 per month

geek_guest, Jan 3, 11:43 am

and beware of crazydomains.Has a bad reputation

geek_guest, Jan 3, 11:45 am