Best laptop advice for video editing?

mone, Jan 3, 12:28am
I am looking to do a lot of video editing with all kinds of video formats.What kind of laptop do you recommend! I asked one of the retailers and they said a good video card will take the pressure off having to buy a top end laptop. I am looking to spend around $1000. What's your recommendation! thanks

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 12:30am
What software are you going to use! A lot of video editing software takes no advantage of the graphics card anyway.

mone, Jan 3, 2:32am
I mainly use covertxtodvd etc. But that's because my current laptop is poor.But I am looking at using adobe premier and cyberlink powerdirector soon.

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 2:42am
For $1000 I don't think you're going to get any card which will help meaningfully in Premier (at least in a laptop)

cameragod, Jan 3, 5:03am
Premier is a resource hog. You really want a quad core and lots of memory more than a fast video card.

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