Do I upgrade?

cuteviolet, Jan 3, 10:45am
Windows 7, I have it now, and I like it.Newish laptop, which came with the $19.95 upgrade to Windows 8. It is not touchscreen which I believe 8 caters to. Should I install 8 and just tweak it back to a 7 look, or is it not worth bothering! Have 4g ram - no problem there. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Ta :)

asilesh, Jan 3, 11:08am
Ive upgraded and disabled metro, its more faster and uses less resources, also a lot of the bugs that were in windows 7 have been fixed

woodypc, Jan 3, 11:08am
It all depends on if you wont to part with you $$$, windows 8 uses less resources( Hardware). Up to you. If you are tight on cash it not too much of an upgrade.

chch_mike, Jan 3, 11:38am
Was thinking of starting a thread on this myself, bumping as interested in more thoughts.

r.g.nixon, Jan 3, 7:20pm
Not worth it. You may have problems with drivers for printers/scanners.

cuteviolet, Jan 3, 8:33pm
Thanks for your thoughts. Still no further on making mind up though. But don't like the thought about having problems with drivers. Any more comments welcome, for chch_mike and myself.

cassandra13, Jan 3, 8:35pm
ive heard windows 8 is nothing but problems- and not worth upgrading. its a basic design headed for touch screen.

pdh, Jan 3, 8:47pm
I like it. I went from Windows Vista to Windows 8.
I had to down load an app to shut it down as there was too many clicks to get to the shut down part. The app is a tile on the desktop to turn the computer off.
I like the fact that you can down load apps as well as use as a normal computer. I don't have a touch screen.

I think it ends up to be personal choice. I would suggest going into a computer store and playing around with it. A shop assistant is always helpful to guide you through it.

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 9:06pm
Just press the power button

_drdee_, Jan 3, 9:28pm
Drivers wise, I was impressed, it automatically found my networked printer and installed drivers during installation, win7 never did this and I had to manually install the network drivers myself. I have upgraded 3 of my 4 PC's now and intend to upgrade the last one today. It is my file server and the fact that Win8 has the dynamic drives feature from win Home Server has convinced me it is worthwhile.
Overall I have embraced Win8, the metro interface is different but extremely easy and quick to use for the simple day to day tasks and with one click you are taken to a familiar desktop when you want to do something more indepth.
I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't want the upgrade, it is affordable and better in every way.

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 9:30pm
Explain why! Genuinely curious, I think there are a few areas where the desktop UI is improved, but also a number of regressions

pdh, Jan 3, 11:47pm
! All that does is put it in 'Screen saver' mode. I'm talking about completely turning the computer off.

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 11:50pm
Open the start screen and type 'change what the power buttons do' (you'll need to select settings over on the right)

From there you can choose what the button does.

hakatere1, Jan 4, 12:26am
I've got a power button on my keyboard. When it's off, I hit it to start and when it's running, I hit it to shut down.

I've been sitting here thinking about the bugs in 7 that an earlier poster mentioned. Sorry, but I can't think of any.

volkier, Jan 4, 12:32am
That. Except that I've seen and experienced that first hand rather than 'hearing' about it. A lot of features and options are missing. You need a third party application to make your OS have some of the functions restored.

Basically you need a bunch of software to make your OS work like you would expect an OS in this present day and age to work, only so you can use that OS to run further applications (since that's what an OS's primary job is - the system that operates your hardware to run programs).

Also to the person who said "I like how you can now download apps" - dude, the internet has been invented twenty years ago, and the whole point of having a computer and. oh actually you know what, forget I said anything. Enjoy windows 8, it's been designed specifically for people like yourself ::)

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 12:33am
Such as!

d.snell, Jan 4, 12:43am
The $20 upgrade will be to windows 8 only and I'm not sure thats a very good offer, especially when you can get (or could, not sure) a upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $50 and then get the Upgrade to Windows 8 Media Centre for free.

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 12:44am
The $20 upgrade is Pro too

d.snell, Jan 4, 12:50am
OK, didn't know that. It's just all the new laptops I have seen since win8 was released only have win 8 on them not win8 pro, so I assumed the offer was the same.

_drdee_, Jan 4, 6:38am
Faster start up and shut down is a biggie for me, but most important for the average PC user:
More secure.
Less intrusive updates.
Better file recovery (via backup and storage spaces).
It's far cheaper than Win7 and the built in features replace a lot of other paid software.
Task manager is like comparing a horse and cart (win7) to a Mercedes (win8), the same goes for the file copy dialogue, I could go on all day.

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 8:30am
My own experience
Startup and shutdown are marginally quicker (because its basically a suspend not a real shutdown). Restarts are slower.
Updates slightly less obtrusive but still far too many that require restarts
I can't remember the last time I opened Task Manager on my own PC - what on earth do you need to look in there for on modern PC!

pcmaster, Jan 4, 8:39am
if 7 aint "broken" for you, dont "fix it" by installing 8, only install 8 when 7 wont run what you tell it to.

newbie5, Jan 4, 10:17am
Why just leave it till next year when Microsoft will have discovered that more and more people are not happy with what they have done in win 8 so they will bring out a new and better OS again just like they did when Vista went to Win 7

little_egypt, Jan 4, 10:20am
My experience; two people so far who HATE Windows 8 and found it totally unusable. One was an upgrade, one got a new machine. The upgrade guy was quite prepared to reinstall Windows7 if necessary. Both were much happier after I introduced them to 'classic shell'.

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