Dx6120MT Video card upgrade

i bought this but it does not seem to want to fit


geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:10 am

PC handles PCI Express x16. what should i look out for when i buy next card :(

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:12 am

Ooops, Umm well NOT that card anyway, thats an AGP carp & you need a PCI-E card

geek_mrfxit, Jan 4, 11:19 am

Ooops, Umm well NOT that card anyway, thats an AGP carp & you need a PCI-E card

(regarding this series of HP computers)

AGP = wide brown slot
Pci-E = thin black slot

Take a look at the connector strip on the bottom of the card.
2 very different arangements

Pretty much any basic Pci_E cards will fit & run fine in that HP.
Don't get 1 that needs a lot of PSU power unless you want to also upgrade the current psu.
A basic card with ONE psu connector on the card should be ok, tho as long as you don't intend to trash it

geek_mrfxit, Jan 4, 11:19 am

what a dummy i am ,i was so looking forward to using it and its not right oh well i know not to buy a agp card now lol

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:21 am

LOL easy enough mistake when not looking properly AND in a hurry

geek_mrfxit, Jan 4, 11:25 am

it was only 11 bucks and i might find a pc it will fit one day i guess :)

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:29 am

Just to be sure .
Note that you need a PCI-e (PCI Express) card NOT PCI which is an older standard.

geek_gj, Jan 4, 11:31 am

thanks mrfixit

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:31 am

Yep nice enough card in it's day

geek_mrfxit, Jan 4, 11:31 am

gj noted thanks

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 11:42 am

AGP is outdated, it will only fit in an OLD motherboard, so probably not worth hanging on to. What may I ask will your graphics card be used for! Because there are many variables to be looking for when buying a graphics card.

geek_schizoid, Jan 4, 3:10 pm

well i wanted a better one as i have just bought a new 22inch led samsung monitor and 2 gig of ram and wanted to treat it to a better video card than the factory one ,i do play the odd games and surf the net and wanted one with dvito app get the best out of the picture

geek_geminidragon, Jan 4, 5:13 pm