E mail access on both Laptop and PC help please

countryart, Jan 3, 10:58pm
Laptop connected by wireless with desktop via home group.
Same e mail account on both. Problems. Firstly some e mail is going to laptop and not desktop and vica versa.(Same e mail address). How do I get all emails going to BOTH.
Also how do I transfer EVERTHING from my desktop to my laptop.
I can access my Trade Me on both
I know the basic connection has been made but not being computer literate I do not know how to complete the job. Thank you.

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 11:05pm
Who is your email provider!

The easiest thing to do is set up a Gmail or Outlook.com address and just use that through the web browser - that way you can get all of your mail on any computer anywhere, and you don't have to change address if you change ISPs

kew, Jan 3, 11:07pm
I am guessing that you are using POP3 and not IMAP in which case you need to check the box under properties to "Leave a copy on the server" under change it from 3 days to 10 days.
Personally, think about changing your email to IMAP.Also, you really need to advise what email program you are using!

countryart, Jan 3, 11:12pm
Thank you. I am using incredimail and it is POP3.
What is imap PLEASE.
All mail comes via my website set up so not too familiar with anything.
Thank you.

kew, Jan 3, 11:14pm
Seriously, ditch Incredimail.Do you have "Outlook" or "Outlook Express", plus who is your email provider: Orcon, Xtra, Vodafone etc

gibler, Jan 3, 11:15pm
incrudimail and POP . oh dear.

countryart, Jan 3, 11:30pm
Thank you all for your help. Vodafone are my provider. I have used Incredimail for about 5 years with no problems at all. I guess I could set up Outlook or Outlook Express but do not know how to do so using my same e mail addresses. I guess I Need a Nerd!! Roger

r.g.nixon, Jan 4, 12:11am
Keep using Incrudimail if it works for you. Look to see if it has an IMAP option.

d.snell, Jan 4, 12:14am
Incredimail is a very difficult program to work with if anything goes wrong. It uses a propriety storage method that when it corrupts, make messages extremely messy and difficult to recover. Also transferring messages from one PC to another can also be difficult. Other issues are it's security which is doubtful. It really has no good points apart from sending annoying animations on messages.
Depending on the operating systems on the computers, there are far better and reliable email clients out there.
As you use vodafone, you actually get up 10 email addresses for free.

Set it up as follows:
1. Log onto your Vodafone Account and get 2 more email addresses .
(your existing email)_1@vodafone.net.nz
(your existing email)_2@vodafone.net.nz.

2. Ring vodafone and ask them to set up email forwarding from (your existing email)@vodafone.net.nz to both of the new addresses.

3. Change the desktop to accept _1 only, but leave the return address as (your existing email)

4. Change the laptop to accept _2 only, but leave the return address as (your existing email)

And presto, you now have your mail on both.

pzkpfw, Jan 4, 2:16am
Presto! That's a lot of work to do something simple.

crab2, Jan 4, 2:24am
what you need to do is tick leave a copy on my server which will give emails on both PC and laptop, on Incredimail go to Tools, email account then properties of the addy then advanced tab then tick leave a copy on server

little_egypt, Jan 4, 2:28am
Past experience with incredimail on an IMAP server; I found that as it picked up mail it had either deleted it, moved it, or something else (long time ago, details are fuzzy) basically treating it like pop3 so that it would not even play nicely with other mail clients.

Incredimail is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE piece of crap.

kew, Jan 4, 2:28am
Countryart, I see that you have your own domain name and your email is most likely through the same provider in which case they will mmost probably have an IMAP option.Basically, if you set up IMAP (instead of POP3) then all of your sent and received emails will at all times be on both your PC and your laptop.Do you have Outlook or Outlook Express on your computers!

kew, Jan 4, 2:30am
Yes it does, but it will not have the same sent emails on both PC's.Basically POP3 = Old and IMAP = much better

crab2, Jan 4, 2:30am
you can export by saving to a usb stick plugged into the PC and then transfering to the laptop and import from the usb

crab2, Jan 4, 2:32am
that's true but if there is a reply you get it on both

d.snell, Jan 4, 2:33am
And what happens when your mailbox fills up!

pzkpfw, Jan 4, 2:46am
You don't have it keep them forever, you have it keep them long enough so that you'd have used both PC's in the meantime.

d.snell, Jan 4, 2:59am
So to delete them from the server, you will need to log into webmail and delete them 20 or 50 at a page per time. Seems like more work to me.

countryart, Jan 4, 5:38am
Thank you all.
I have written the the company that set up my website and ask them about the option of IMAP. That may resolve the entire issue. I am taking notice of the advice and looking to move away from Incredimail. Thanks again for all of the help.

little_egypt, Jan 4, 5:52am
You set all your mail clients to 'delete after 7 days' or however long you think is appropriate. Then each time either client picks up mail they will delete anything older than 7 days, but leave the new stuff there so the other mail client has a chance to pick it up too.

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