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janzjanz, Jan 4, 3:42am
I am trying to set up my smartphone to receive our web mails hosting by the above.Wow no message on their website, and no message on their answerphone but apparantly closed until the 7th January. I have a samsung galaxy 3 with 2 Degrees.I need to know their server exchange name.Does anyone know it. !Set it up as per advised by our web designer but the phone comes back with the message - cannot connect to the server.thanks in advance

lythande1, Jan 4, 4:20am

Incoming mail server:
Account Username:
Password: as set up in Cpanel
Outgoing mail server:
Username: your main account username - i.e. that used to login to Cpanel/FTP
Password: that of your main account - i.e. that used to login to Cpanel/FTP

jancemord, Jan 4, 4:21am

d.snell, Jan 4, 4:22am
How do I check my domain's email!
POP3 Server: mail.yourdomain
SMTP Server: mail.yourdomain
Username: username of your email account (if you haven't set up any mailboxes yet, this will be the same as your Kiwiwebhost username. If you have set up additional POP accounts in CPanel, the username will be the full email address).
Password: The password you specified when creating the mailbox (if you haven't set up any mailboxes yet, this will be the same as your Kiwiwebhost password).

Snap + Snap

_sms_, Jan 4, 5:19am
Kiwiwebhost suck in the worst way ever.They are to avoided at all cost since they were taken over by Orcon.I have moved over a dozen websites away to different hosting.

Just saying.

janzjanz, Jan 4, 5:32am
Thinking of moving too.Not good enough they dont have a person on over Christmas New Year period.Work dosnt stop for some.The message I get is cannot connect to server (and have entered all the details as listed above.) however there has been another message - on phone - saying security certificate not the same - something like that and not sure what that means either.I have tried setting up all of our emails.

janzjanz, Jan 4, 5:33am
Couldnt beleive I would have to use the trusty trademe community to try and help

jancemord, Jan 4, 6:04am
can you please give the whole error that ur getting on ur phone

janzjanz, Jan 4, 6:14am
Unable to connect to email server to verify your account information.No response from server

mattnzw, Jan 4, 6:14am
Have you tried emailing them,as they may have someone available to reply. How do you know they don't reopen until the 7th, I clicked on theri announcements page, and it just loaded a blank page, so looks like parts of their website are broken. You could try phoning orcon directly for support, as they now operate it.

_sms_, Jan 4, 6:17am
That's been broken for ages and their servers are down more often than a whore's drawers.

mattnzw, Jan 4, 8:42am
Support staff deserve a holiday and most businesses will close down over the holdiays. But surely they have an emergency contact , even if you have to pay for afterhours support. Otherwise not really suitable for businesses, who need support options during the holiday.

janzjanz, Jan 4, 7:52pm
I originally rang the 0800 number on kiwi web hosting.And kept getting disconnected.Then somewhere I found that orcon was now the main contact.I rang orcon who transferred me to kiwi web hosting and I waited for 20 minutes before hanging up.No answer.Then later in the day I rang back and got the same.The orcon operator stayed on line and tried three times.His supervisor finally told him they are closed until 7th Jan.I have also emailed them and got an automatic reply saying they would contact me within5 - 7 days.At the very minimum there should be an on call staff member.Seems there is not.Orcon staff said they were not 'trained' in this area.

janzjanz, Jan 4, 7:55pm
Oh the only reason I am trying to set up my emails to my phone is so we can go on a break !Our customers ring and request our services every day and I wouldnt like to imagine what would happen if we just didnt answer the phone.
Not being able to retrieve emails means we are staying around home rather than have our customers be left stranded.

little_egypt, Jan 4, 8:10pm
Set up forwarding to a gmail account, it's much more versatile. You can get to your mail from any browser, android phones you hardly need to set up anything at all, and you can even have gmail 'send as' from the proper address.

lizzie211, Jan 4, 8:29pm
Orcon -my daughter lost all internet/phone connection late Christmas Eve, and had to wait until 27th to make contact, asthey had no one on call over the hols.This was in Central Wellington.
She has movedback to Telecom.

mattnzw, Jan 6, 4:30am
Move to another provider that provides afterhours support, even if you have to pay for it. Many hosts offer cheap pricing, but have limited support or poor support, so you may have to pay more for one that provides top level support.

spyware, Jan 7, 3:44am
Really your own pig ignorance is the problem. Should never be necessary to have to ask for help to set up somethingso basic as an email account.The only info not mentioned is the port the email service runs on.

POP uses port 110, SSL variant 995
IMAP uses port 143, SSL variant 993

SMTP without authentication is 25
SMTP with authentication is 587 but also try the legacy port 25
SMTP with authentication and SSL is 465

mattnzw, Jan 7, 11:25am
Sometimes ISPs block port 25, and the host will provide port 26 instead.

No it just sounds like the OP purchased the wrong sort of hosting, trying to save a bit of money, as their host was closed for the holidays, as they are one of the lower priced ones.But it ended up costing them a some time away. Instead they should have been using a host that provides more hand holding and has more comprehensive support to help them after hours. Many of the good hosts will have afree or paid support desk for after hours support.

Most hosts do also prove webmail, so I am not sure why they couldn't just use webmail while they were away.

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