Desktop hdd dying

gardenfreak, Jan 5, 12:48am
My desktop hard drive is starting to die (sometimes when i start it up, it registers as no hdd in pc).
Is there an idiots guide to putting in a new drive and transferring the OS/files etc to the new drive, or do I have to setup windows from scratch and manually transfer the files etc!

Any help greatly appreciated

hakatere1, Jan 5, 1:01am
Once you get a new drive, if there isn't a software cd comes with it, youcan visit the manufacturers website and download imaging software. I know one drive I bought, think it was seagate, had a cd to clone it all over flawlessly. Good opportunity to stick in an ssd. Great upgrade.

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 1:05am
There are several good free cloning programs. A very basic one is called XXCLONE.

gardenfreak, Jan 5, 1:11am

gardenfreak, Jan 5, 1:11am
ssd! nvm, just googled it.
awesome, thanks for your help.

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 1:14am
Solid State Drive. No moving parts. Uses 'flash memory' like camera memory cards. Much faster.

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 1:15am
You can have both types in one computer. At work I have a 40GB SDD for Windows & a 500GB HDD for my data.

hakatere1, Jan 5, 2:02am
SSD, sata3 flies. Best upgrade you'll ever make.

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