watching tv/accessing certain sites on Asus Transformer tablet

jtx, Jan 5, 2:47am
I need to use my tablet (ASUS transformer pad 300) for travelling & want to be able to view flight bookings. The air nz site won't show my bookings as I don't have adobe flash installed and this is no longer available from play store. Suggestions please as to what I can do as being able to use my tablet for travel was one of the main reasons I bought it. I have looked at installing adobe from an archived version but am unsure if this is a good idea or if there is some other app I can use instead. I also can't watch TV on demand on it - any thoughts on how to get over these problems? I have 4.0.3 but am a computer dummy so need simple answers!

jtx, Jan 5, 8:42pm
if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated

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