Program to monitor download usage

zorrodog, Jan 5, 3:52am
in real time!the other day i went through 1.3 gigs,the most ever by 3 times.I just cannot believe it.At the most I watchedan hour of youtube and the normal browsing of the news on the Herald newspaper.
I would like to have a gadget on my desktop so I can monitor my usage in real time.Is this possible!
Telecom seem to be able to do it.
Hope someone can advise.Thankyou Cheers

king1, Jan 5, 3:57am

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 3:59am
Netlimiter 2, free version (not version 3 which is too confusing).

vtecintegra, Jan 5, 6:25am
An hour of Youtube could account for most of that easy.

..pip.., Jan 5, 9:54am
Also make sure your wireless internet is secure.You neighbours might be hooking into it.

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