smoocherpete, Jan 5, 5:06am
Windows 7,IE 9.I just tried to download this adblock-ie, but I can't find the darn thing. If it's on my computer it's well and truly buried. Search brings up nothing. I also tried to check my security settings in case that was blocking it, but man, MS don't want me to find them either. Would somebody be able to give me some advice please, thanks. I don't want to change to Firefox either, thanks:o)

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 5:11am
Firefox follower flits frou fthread & flees with fright!

intrade, Jan 5, 5:17am
whon in the hell stilll would use mircorcrapola interweb exploder online!
use chrome then.

smoocherpete, Jan 5, 6:37am
Fanks for fabulous frivolity fleeing Firefox follower

smoocherpete, Jan 5, 7:05am
There is nothing wrong with IE on my machine, apart from the flashy ads. I upgraded from a slower machine where I used FF. That was OK, and quicker for dowloading pages, except the videos it played jerked and skipped. Upgrading, I hoped that would disappear, with FF it didn't for some reason. I've found that IE plays them OK, so I'll stick with it. I don't like Chrome for other reasons.


rojill, Jan 6, 9:21am
Is Java uptodate !

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