VCRs to disk

vat, Jan 6, 2:34am
Without getting too technical, does anyone have experience converting VCR tapes to CD rom! we're wanting to do our family tapes and I've seen that there are converter adaptors available yet Dick Smith don't stock anything like that, so are they no good (the converters that is)!

datoofairy, Jan 6, 2:36am
Its easy to put them on DVD.
You just need a dvd recorder.Connect the vcr to the tv and play the tape through the tv, press record on the dvd recorder. Pause to stop recording the bits you dont want.

tmenz, Jan 6, 2:38am
Better still - record them to HDD/DVD recorder - edit them on the HDD then copy to DVD.

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 2:44am
I use an Easycap DC60+. I did previously get an Easycap DC60, but it didn't work. The '+' version is newer and better in reviews.

mone, Jan 6, 3:57am
Just grab a standalone dvd recorder , they are very cheap on trademe. Then run cable from your VCR to it. I have done this 4 times before. Very straightforward.

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