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dittzzy, Jan 6, 9:35pm
I'm looking to buy a DSLR camera that doesn't cost the earth - the problem is I'm not sure what to be looking for to help make my decision. I should clarify that this is for mostly indoor shots of people. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to help me please!

tmenz, Jan 6, 10:28pm

tmenz, Jan 6, 10:28pm
Choose the one(s) you like the look of and google reviews for it/them

hakatere1, Jan 6, 11:07pm
Was a very informative thread in here before Christmas regarding dslr cameras, from people who knew what they were talking about. A search on the left may find it.

suicidemonkey, Jan 6, 11:24pm
Note that while expert infotech provides a warranty, they send the products overseas to be serviced. You don't get the official manufacturers warranty.

cassina1, Jan 6, 11:24pm
For indoor people shots I use a 10-22 zoom lens fitted to a Canon EOS 7D but that lens could fit a cheaper body but would not be as fast focussing. I use an external falsh gun too as there is little to no time lag between flash recharge times. The advantage of using that lense means you can photogragh large groups in smaller rooms.

dittzzy, Jan 6, 11:33pm
O thats awesome thank you so much!

Cassina1 if you dont mind, how much did it cost to get yourself set up like that!

hoss2, Jan 14, 8:54pm
why get a dslr, why not just get a bridge as they are cheaper and do not need extra lenses.just a thought

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 8:56pm
They also don't have anywhere near the same level of image quality (especially for indoor use where the long end of the zoom range is irrelevant but sensor quality is more important)

If a point and shoot is what you're after I'd avoid bridges - look for a quality compact like the Sony RX100 or Canon S100

billyjessie, Jan 14, 9:12pm
How much is that lens do you know!

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 9:16pm
Fairly pricey, $1000+ new depending on where you get it from.

They do tend to keep value fairly well though, at least compared to camera bodies - I sold a second hand one for $850ish a year or so back (which I had in turn bought second hand)

billyjessie, Jan 15, 2:01am
Cool thanks, I'm wanting a new lens but actually wondering if I should be spending they money first on a new camera! I've got a Canon 450D!

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 15, 2:06am
The Tamron 10-24 was about $500 cheaper when I brought one. Apparently the quality isn't quite as good as a 10-22. Doubt most amateurs would notice to be honest.

vtecintegra, Jan 15, 4:11am
Bear in mind the 10-22 (or the Tamron equivalent) is a very wide lens, probably wider than you really want to go for most purposes (gives a weird perspective).

What lens are you currently using with the 450D! If its the kit 18-55 in which way do you find it restrictive!

fordcrzy, Jan 15, 6:01am
the 450 D with the IS 18-55 lens is a good bit of gear ( i have one) maybe you should get photography lessons instead (seriously)

billyjessie, Jan 15, 9:40pm
Fordczy I think you're right that is what I need to do!

The lens I'm currently using is the 18-55 I don't really love it because it doesn't blur the background out! I have the portrait lens and love that but you can't fit many people in the photo.

vtecintegra, Jan 16, 7:50am
The you don't want the 10-22, it isn't a lens for achieving that effect

Have a read here: http://www.dslrtips.com/workshops/How_to_take_portraits_with_blurred_background/people_small_depth_of_field.shtml

mone, Jan 16, 8:07am
Just go for the Canon 1100d. It's a great starter camera at around $600 and you learn about lenses and aperture at an entry price expense.

xxsaffyxx, Jan 16, 8:41am
This would be a great setup if you could afford it.Though with them upgrading models, I think they're up to 550D or maybe even 600D.But either of those models would be fantastic.

If you don't get the very latest model, you'll save a few hundred dollars.When you get clever and more financial, you can spend on better lenses. The lenses can make a huge difference to quality.

vtecintegra, Jan 16, 9:52am
650D is out now, but sensors haven't changed much since the 550D

teroopu, Jan 16, 2:30pm
You cant beat Dpreview as your best resource for camera reviews.Also photo.co.nz has some very good secondhand cameras from time to time.their cameras are rated as to their condition and have a very good repretaion

smac, Jan 16, 7:53pm
http://www.steves-digicams.com/ is good too. Sometimes it's a hassle tracking down the NZ equivalent model name, but very in-depth reviews.

billyjessie, Jan 16, 9:18pm
Thank you! I thought it was just the lens because when I put my portrait lens on it does it - but it's just not "wide" enough to fit a couple of people in.

Will have a read of that tonight and have a play - I do use Auto far far far too much and really do need to learn how to use my camera - had it 2 years now I love it SO much but sounds like I could be doing so much more with it!

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 16, 9:26pm
I use a Canon 15-85mm as my primary lens. Nice and wide with a decent enough zoom. Took it all around Europe as my only lens, bit heavy is it's only real fault.

fordcrzy, Jan 17, 7:22am
wifey just did a digital photography night class over about 8 nights and her photography improved HUGELY. they learned about composition, lighting, white balance etc etc. It was only $120 which is way cheaper than a new camera which wont be much better than what you have.
its like saying "i want to buy a really flash car because i cant really drive that well"

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