Help with watching downloaded videos on tv

leagueladz, Jan 7, 9:23am
Have been downloading from you tube etc with AVS Media player which is mp4 however they won't play when loaded onto usb etc through the tv.!
Any ideas! All our music/photos play fine. Thanks.

king1, Jan 7, 9:31am
it would appear to be not saving the files in a format that your tv can play.
I guess the first step is to look up the tv manual and identify what video formats it supports, and then try and match those formats in AVS settings.

r.g.nixon, Jan 7, 9:32am
You'll need to find out what videos your TV can play.
Freemake Video Converter is good for changing formats.

king1, Jan 7, 9:35am
The MP4 format is only a container that can contain various encoded data streams - the chart here might help

leagueladz, Jan 7, 9:37am
All good info guys, I'll check it out - thanx heaps

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