Wha program is best to use to download movies, tv

pauls_team, Jan 20, 9:04am
series! help please.

nzoomed, Jan 20, 9:38am

little_egypt, Jan 20, 8:20pm

nzoomed, Jan 20, 8:54pm
Has the FBI already managed to shut it down!

pinkhiace, Jan 20, 8:57pm
It is down already.

little_egypt, Jan 20, 9:02pm
It's been up and down ever since it launched, apparently a case of more interest than the available capacity to handle it. But only Kim knows for sure if this is because there really is far more interest in the site than anticipated, or (as I suspect) they decided to launch with much less actual server capacity than a site of this type requires.

There may also be a DDoS attack involved. No secret that the US "Department of Just Us" and the MAFIAA industry groups won't be too happy about this launch.

nzoomed, Jan 25, 8:53am
Im sure they will be behind some sort of DDoS attack thats for sure!
It looks like a good alternative to dropbox anyway, how many GB do you get for free! I havnt signed up yet.

r.g.nixon, Jan 25, 9:01am

_drdee_, Jan 25, 11:00am
EZTV 'nuff said

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