HP Printer Deskjet F380

rungrung, Jan 18, 12:45am
My one of these suddenly is playing up. SInce I inserted a new colour cartridge it keeps flashing "Error" and saying that the colour cartridge is inserted incorrectly.it isn't. I've tried taking it, turning it off, unplugging it, cleaning the heads but nothing works and the scanner doesn't work because it keeps flashing "error" any ideas anyone!

froggyb, Jan 18, 1:39am
4 years old ! buy a new all in one, shop around can get brand new cheap non wireless printer for $40

newbie5, Jan 18, 1:49am
Is the cartridge a refill or an original

rungrung, Jan 20, 8:41am
It's a refill, do you think that makes a difference!

q300, Jan 20, 8:42am
Yes. Do t use refilled cartridges. They aren't guaranteed to work, they're usually of sub standard quality and they void any warranty on the printer.

upnorth, Jan 20, 6:25pm
Does that printer use time/date chipped cartridges!

rungrung, Jan 21, 2:05am
I'm not sure, I guess it is because of the cartridge as it hasn't worked since I bought it.

rojill, Jan 21, 2:55am
Try installing the cartridge, then print, then remove cartridge 3 times.
It may work ok on the 4 th. time.
I have always refilled my HP inks and some years ago that was the solution to the HP effort to make you buy their new cartridges.

upnorth, Jan 21, 3:07am

There's a few work arounds google will find. I'm still using last century HP professional series printers which have huge unchipped cartridges 45 and 78. But I don't use refilled carts.

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