3G mobile broadband , best deal ?

bantamus, Jan 19, 5:41am
TIA; seeking opinions on who has best mobile broadband rates for tablets ! 4gb average anticipated use.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 19, 5:43am
If you're in a 2Degrees broadband zone then they do 12GB for $99 which isn't a bad deal for mobile. It expires after 6 months so you would need to buy 2 data packs over a 6 month period if you think you will use 4GB a month.

bantamus, Jan 19, 6:09am
thanks but no good as it locks you into a zone which is no good when youre travelling

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 19, 8:36am
It doesn't lock you into one zone, it just means you only get that rate if you use it in any of the available zones.

If you want full national cover then Telecom $80, a quick look on VF website shows they only go up to 2GB.

shinedog, Jan 19, 8:39am
Other wise Skinny with all there Data Add-on's areprobably the best 3g value at the moment.

jcmp21, Jan 20, 3:27am
But isn't that a monthly fee where you cant just buy a few gigs and top up when you run out! Or maybe I'm thinking of 2degrees

shinedog, Jan 20, 3:48am
Skinny work on weekly plans, so for there $4, 200MB Love Bytes plan with the $8, 600MB Data Add-on gives you 800MB/week for $12 = 3.2gigs for $48/month, pretty good 3g mobile deal!

rick149, Jan 20, 4:25am
^You get bonus at the moment,so your $4 will get you 244MB,and so on.until March,definitely the best 3G data pricing out there.

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