Instagram problem with Samsung Galaxy S2 phone!

fendi3, Jan 19, 5:58am
I have the above phone and want to install Instagram on it but it keeps telling me that it is not compatible with my phone. It won't download through Google Play and I rang the Samsung help line but they could not tell me if it is compatible or not. Does anyone out there have this phone with Instagram installed or will I have to look at a new phone or I pad! Many thanks!

mattnzw, Jan 19, 6:09am
Have you tried the alternatives in the play store! I donwloaded a good one which is ranked highly. I would never buy a new phone, solely becuase an app doesn't work. You can also probably get an old version and install it manually, if a new version isn't compatible.

fendi3, Jan 19, 6:21am
Thanks mattnzw as have not looked at the alternatives. I just would like someone to be able to tell me if it is compatible or not with my phone which even Samsung could not! Crazy but reason is a friend posted photos of my dog on her Instagram account and it has had a huge number of likes, Well over 2000 with lots of requests for our own account and my business is doggie related so would love to be able to access it!

obsidianwings, Jan 19, 8:45pm
If google play is telling you it's not compatible and won't let you install it, is that not confirmation enough!
Don't know much about instagram (apart from some kind of uproar recently about them owning the pictures), are you able to access it online instead! Or as above see if there is a compatible old version to install

2nd2none, Jan 19, 9:11pm
Checked partners S2 and it has Instagram, what version of android are you using, settings>about phone

daniel993, Jan 19, 11:46pm
Mine works fine.

fendi3, Jan 20, 12:14am
Hey thanks for that everyone as much appreciated!

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