Adobe on samsung tab 2

kids2, Jan 19, 2:39am
Hi I have purchased a Samsung tab2 tablet and need to download adobe flash player but they don't seen to have it in the play store anymore. Is there anything else that does the same thing! Can anyone help! Thanks

robyn35, Jan 19, 2:45am
havent been able to find a flash player that will work and play the games the kids are wanting to play which is a pain in the butt

kids2, Jan 19, 2:54am
Having the same problem hopefully someone will be able to help.

vtecintegra, Jan 19, 5:34am

Chose the latest Android version.

Note Flash on Android is no longer supported and may not work very well (especially on a tablet with limited processing power)

kids2, Jan 19, 6:18am
Thanks. But i tried that already but when you play a game on Facebook it's says you need 11.2 or higher.

jahemian, Jan 19, 7:28am
Haha. The Samsung Tab 2, limited processing power! Interesing. My partner has a cheap tablet and he uses flash on it. I guess you'd like to suggest an Ipad instead!

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 19, 8:31am
Looking at the specs of a Tab 2 on Wikipedia, it isn't all that powerful compared to others on the market, including the iPad 4.

Sounds like you're out of luck pretty much.

vtecintegra, Jan 19, 9:45am
Its not as bad as the cheapies, but its definitely a prior gen compared to, say a Note 10.1 or even a Nexus 7

suicidemonkey, Jan 19, 10:33am
You can't use Flash on the iPad at all.

wheelmann, Jan 19, 11:19pm
Not true. You can using the Puffin browser and I think there are a couple of others. I use Puffin for TV on Demand.

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