Do all NZ sold iphone 3gs come unlocked

lockkettrules, Jan 21, 3:31am
for any NZ network! Past or present

massived, Jan 21, 3:34am
From memory the original iPhone 3G was locked to Vodafone initially. But I believe any version of the iPhone now is sold unlocked and can be used on any network.

lockkettrules, Jan 21, 3:36am
ok. looking at buying a second hand iphone 3gs that was purchased from vodafone a few years back. My one doesn't work anymore unfortunately

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 21, 3:38am
iPhones sold in NZ have never been carrier locked.

massived, Jan 21, 3:43am

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 21, 3:46am
I'm 99% sure that did not include iPhone, pretty sure it was just BlackBerrys. You don't enter a code to unlock an iPhone either, it's done through iTunes.

lockkettrules, Jan 21, 3:49am
thanks a bunch guys

carlie, Jan 21, 5:11am
I got one of the originals, it was not locked. Still have it.

mike2090, Jan 21, 9:04am
They're not locked to any network, but the network frequencies are much better suited to telecom's network, so that's the only one you'd want to use it on.

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