Graphics card/driver help please

mabelle2, Jan 21, 5:26am
My son is having problems getting the game he wants and reckons it's the graphics card.
He's found something online that will assess & update the video card drivers which he reckons will fix it.
it's from an Intel site if that helps.

is he on the right track or way off!
I don't know enough to know if we should try & download a video card driver to fix the problem.

r.g.nixon, Jan 21, 5:40am
That sounds fine.

chnman, Jan 21, 6:46am

One of my laptops uses an Intel video driver, and the above will auto-detect. This is how I update the driver.

mabelle2, Jan 21, 7:46am
thanks guys!

lythande1, Jan 21, 6:41pm
Updating the driver often incerases performance ever so slightly, but really he should check the graphics are suitable for the game, the game will have a recommended and a minimum spec, sounds to be like he has integrated graphics rather than a dedicated card. It's usually crap for any "real" games, more suited to the likes of Facebook games or that type of thing.
Might be better to investigate a proper gaming system if he is really into gaming.

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