How to change default print speed HP psc 2410

rojill, Jan 21, 2:43am
Had this printer for over 10 years and have never been able to reset to a new default printer page speed.
Choices are
- Fast Draft
- Fast Normal
- Normal
- Best
- Max dpi.

I can set to whichever I choose and it will print at that, but no matter how I try to change, after printing it always defaults to "normal", which is too slow for most of my printing and uses far too much ink.

Is there a way to select"Fast Normal" as the default speed !

Alternatively, Is there another printer on the market that the default can be changed!

king1, Jan 21, 3:06am
usually you just r/click on the printer in the printers list and there is an option for 'printing preferences' which is very similar to the normal printer dialogue box.In this one you set the default values

rojill, Jan 21, 4:26am
Thanks for that
It worked like a charm

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