Help with restoring 3g network connection please

sooby, Jan 22, 7:45am
Hey guys,

After reading an article on how to increase android battery life, I changed the network settings on my phone to only use 2g. Thought this was cool until I wanted to use an app requiring 3g, so reverted back to 3g setting but still I can??

vtecintegra, Jan 22, 7:51am
What exactly do you mean by 'I changed the network settings on my phone to only use 2g'!

sooby, Jan 22, 7:58am

On 2Degrees/Vodafone you can force your phone to connect to the 2G network and disable 3G. This is a setting under mobile networks. Experience with this seems to save quite a lot of battery, but obviously only suitable for those who those who don't use 3G services that often - data is quite slow when only on 2G.!s=41c2a3306ae09fe96c11c9f6d66d5123

vtecintegra, Jan 22, 8:00am
Yes but as your quote says switching the phone to 2G only will not stop anything from working it will just make mobile data slower.

2nd2none, Jan 22, 8:05am
Under mobile networks in settings did you uncheck mobile data!
Or have you changed other settings,

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