Movies/ tv on iPad

burntrubber, Jan 22, 1:44am
How do I download and watch movies on my ipadd

wellystretch, Jan 22, 4:56am
1) iTunes
2) iTunes
3) iTunes

Or, get an android tablet and then:
1) iTunes
2) SD card
3) Drag and drop

Good luck

spyware, Jan 22, 5:51am
Best (streaming) methods are

a) AirVideo Server. Runs under Linux so maybe build a mini-iTX form factor machine and install Ubuntu server. Natively streams .mp4, m4v and mov. Converts and streams mkv. AirVideo will run under Windows.

b) A DLNA server, e.g., Twonky - maybe under Ubuntu, and UPnP Player, e.g., 8 Player, on iPad. Twonky does run under Windows.

You can have many terabytes of storage to stream from so steaming methods beat syncing and storing on iPad with iTunes.

-mung-, Jan 22, 6:44am
If you have movies from other sources in other formats, FlexPlayer is a free app that will play whatever you give it.

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