DVD Player - Pioneer DV-3022V - Region Free?

Hi.I bought the above DVD player from JB HiFi who said it was region free (straight out of the box), despite on the back saying it is a region 4 player.I now want to buy a DVD that is region 1 (as it is a lot cheaper than buying region 4).I thought I would double-check on Google and I keep coming up with 2 replies: 1) the DVD player is region free and 2) it needs a code to be made region free.Does anyone here have any idea!Thank you.

geek_dee238, Jan 19, 7:32 am

The DVD player will have been made mutizone (region free) after being boxed up, so the box and the DVD player will still show "4".

geek_chnman, Jan 19, 10:10 am

Pioneer should be the same as Panasonic, well used to be, you can take any DVD player to a service agent within 12 months and get it changed to region free if you find its not.

geek_jetgriff, Jan 19, 1:16 pm

As long as you have the sales docket with you. The service agent then charges the cost back to Pioneer or Panasonic. Well that is what I did when I was in the bussiness.

geek_guyh, Jan 19, 1:37 pm

I bought the DVD player about a year ago.I also bought that model for the sole purpose of not having to go and get it made into multizone.Their agent is quite a bit away from me.I would just rather not buy a DVD, only to find the player won't accept it.As JB HiFi are meant to be experts in what they sell, hopefully it will be safe.If it doesn't work I will definitely take it back - even if a year old.Thank you for all your help.

geek_dee238, Jan 19, 4:14 pm

geek_karlv, Jan 19, 5:15 pm

I bought the Pioneer it will play some region 1 dvd and not others , I believe the US has upgrade their region 1 some their dvd's can't be played on multi region players

geek_guest, Nov 25, 12:30 pm