Raspbmc ,openelec live tv/pvr on raspberry pi

velenski, Jan 17, 7:11pm
dvb-t ,anyone else playing around with this! ,work well on openelec ,my biggest problem is my signal i need to move my aerial.

raspbmc was a pain took a while to find the correct firmware for usb dongle,but finally got it to work ,didnt seem to run as good as openelec.tried recording tv last night ,worked well .

so with a few tweaks i will have a good freeview pvr :)

bronzeblood, Jan 18, 10:59pm
What usb tuner are you using!

velenski, Jan 18, 11:51pm
cheap chinese one ,one of those mini ones. ID 048d:9135 integrated technology express, inc. zolid mini dvb-t stick

velenski, Jan 18, 11:54pm
anyone know how to increase client buffer for tvheadend!

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