Sony viao blanked out after connecting VGA Cable

omega2611, Jan 18, 1:30am
Hi All,

Got a problem here with my wifes laptop, we connected the VGA cable to the laptop to our tv which then turned the screen black - you can just see the writing and icons but that is about it.

Have tried lowering the resoulution through the barely readable screen as well as doing a systembut nothing has worked.

have googled but got nowhere at this point.

Can anybody here offer workable solutions as to how to remedy the problem and bring back the monitor as it should be,.


drsr, Jan 18, 2:08am
What laptop is it! Try powering off and on again (not just restarting) with the VGA cable disconnected.

A barely readable screen can mean the screen's backlight has gone, which would be a repair job. It's possible that connecting it to the TV zapped the backlight or its power supply, though it seems a bit unlikely.

d.snell, Jan 18, 2:20am
Try the function keys on the keyboard, Little icon pictures on f1 to f12. One will have a picture of a couple of screens on it. Hold down the function key (usually down by the Left Ctrl key) and tap the icon. If it doesn't work, try the function keys either side of it.

omega2611, Jan 18, 7:51pm
It is a Sony Viao Laptop,. was workmng fine up to the point of coinnecting the VGHA cable then went black, you can see the desktop but barely, have tried a number of buttons.
When I click on display there is still two monitors displayed dispite the fat that the VGA cable is disconnected and there should be only one showing so not sure if that might be the trouble as the monitor is looking for the other one not sure.It just seemed strange that the monitor is still black after discomnnecting the VGA cable which never worked in the TV anyway and then this happened as soon as it was connected.

omega2611, Jan 18, 7:53pm
Sorry pplmade an error above should be VGAnot VGHA - speeling eror ,typing to fast

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