My Book External HD to Sony Bravia TV

dinky7051, Jan 17, 1:24am
I bought a 2 Terrabyte HD (format is NTFS) to put movies on to play through my usb connection on my Sony Bravia Digital TV but the TV doesnt want to recognise there is a connection. I ve tried both usb ports in the TV but still no recognition from the tele.
Any ideas or info would be appreiciated

_drdee_, Jan 17, 1:30am
Check your TV manual to make sure it can read NTFS, most TV's I have encountered only see FAT/exFAT.

cherise11, Jan 17, 1:36am
It could be that your tv doesn't support an external storage device over a certain size like 2 or 4 gigs.

_drdee_, Jan 17, 1:40am
True that, although the size limit is usually something like 32GB

mikep, Jan 17, 3:36am
The USB port on the TV will probably only work with thumb drives (less power requirement) and the movies MPEG4 format. I've tried on my Sony Bravia, and ended up getting a media player, then a Blue Ray player which works fine.

gyrogearloose, Jan 17, 4:04am
I agree with #2, and you'll find that Windows won't format a partition larger than 32GB into FAT32. The solution is to download and run a utility like FAT32FORMAT, and then the TV will recognise it. The limitation will be that a single file cannot be larger than 4GB-1.

mone, Jan 17, 4:12am
The one advantage of Samsung LCDs and LEDs. They are more liberal with formats and compatibilities, esp Xvid and AVI

dinky7051, Jan 17, 10:14am
Cheers guys, seems like the TV doesnt recognize NTFS. Rang Sony NZ help line today and found out it will only play FAT32 format and doesnt like avi files either. Bugger! Thinking I might have to try the media player option. Thanks for your comments.

gyrogearloose, Jan 17, 10:26am
Here's a Sony link to supported formats, who can say if this is representative of your TV, but you'll see that the AVI container is supported.

I've got a Sony Bravia (and a Panasonic) and the Sony does a great job of playing video off FAT32-formatted memory sticks and external drives (so long as the width and height are within the boundaries of the screen - and if not, you can convert them easily enough).

blenheim-trader, Jan 17, 10:45am
Easy way to test is format a flash drive to fat32 and copy a xvid/divx file to it and see if it plays.

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