Can't send email.

beetle18, Jan 17, 9:29am
Suddenly I can no longer send email, although I can receive. Haven't changed any settings. Using Windows Live mail and Windows 7. ISP is Telstra Clear (Clearnet)
This is the error message I'm getting:
An unknown error has occurred.
Server Error: 554
Server Response: 554
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6F
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

I tried changing the port to 587 (browsing forums gave me this advice), but still not working. Can anyone help please!

blenheim-trader, Jan 17, 9:34am
try sending message to your own email address.
I'm with clear and its working for me.

chnman, Jan 17, 9:42am

spyware, Jan 17, 9:42am
Clear's smtp server doesn't operate on 587. They offer authenticated smtp on port 25, i.e., choose the option and provide the credentials (as used on pop server it clear account).

554 is a relay error. Are you connected to the Internet using clear or by some other ISP, e.g., Vodafone 3G or Telecom XT.

beetle18, Jan 17, 9:44am
No, just tried. It won't leave the outbox and gives me an error message.

beetle18, Jan 17, 9:49am
spyware, I am using port 25. As for your other question, to be honest, I'm not sure what I'm using to connect - we're on holiday at present, first in Golden bay and now in Murchison, both a bit "remote". Maybe that's the issue! Will be home tomorrow, connecting via telstraclear.I didn't know it was a relay error,perhaps that's the problem.

blenheim-trader, Jan 17, 9:52am

spyware, Jan 17, 9:52am
So you mean you tried auth smtp or not!

chnman, Jan 17, 9:52am
It will work once you are home and connect to Telstraclear. You could use Clearnet webmail or whatever it is called, or if not urgent just wait.

spyware, Jan 17, 9:54am
You have to use authentication if you are connecting via any other method other than clear connection. Any 3G connection is not clear.

So simply change from unauthenticated on port 25 to authentication on 25 and provide the credentials (username and password). These credentials are the same as the credentials used by pop server so typically just tick the box the refers to using same settings as my incoming server credentials.

By relay it means that the email server knows you have connected to it via a public IP address that does not belong to Telstraclear. Given that, it simply refuses to accept any email without you providing the account credentials.

beetle18, Jan 17, 10:00am
Spyware, am back to original settings after finding change of port didn't work, so yes, auth smtp.

Chnman, thanks for the reassuring words. Makes sense as i haven't changed anything other than my location (and thereforeprobbly the service provider).

Thanks everyone for your help - you rock!I wrote a detailed message to TelstrClear about the issue before realising that DUHRRR I couldn't send it.

spyware, Jan 17, 10:05am
It is standard practice to not allow relaying of email. All ISPs enforce it. And easily solved by providing credentials to the smtp server.

beetle18, Jan 17, 10:08am
Makes sense. Thanks again.

allen, Jun 12, 12:05am
I have been having the same problem whilst on holiday. Computer works fine with my outgoing mail at home on Clear Broadband but not away. Clear needs to get it's act together. Looking at forums, it's an annoying problem.

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