Apple tv, what a piece of crap

diesel400, Jan 15, 7:53am
Brought one yesterday. Works great to watch trailers and previews, so my connection is all good (11.7mbps). But when trying to watch a rented movie it says ready to play in 4 hours!

mone, Jan 15, 8:29am
nearly as fast as the piratebay lol just kidding

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 15, 8:30am
Works fine for me, my connection is around the 10mbps mark. Only takes a few minuets to buffer.

itzmagic, Jan 15, 8:31am
Watching a rented movie bought via iTunes can be done intwo stages.The downloading of the purchased (rented) movie can take an hour or two depending on its size.Suggest you rent SD movies rather than HD as they are cheaper and quicker to download.After download, you can watch the movie anytime in the next month, but only over a 48 hour period from start time.I am presuming here that you are using Air Play/mirroring from an iPad or iPhone!Good luck.Apple t v is great kit for playing your music over t v, playing slideshows of your photos/albums, playing awesome National Geographic screen saver photos, and surfing the internet, as well as the other more obvious functions you mention (& You Tube, Vimeo etc)

emms21, Jan 15, 9:23am
Really! We love it for airplay. Play music over wifi from any apple device anywhere in the house. Airplay mirroring from Macbook Pro. Never bothered buying any programing from iTunes.

kiwifidget, Jan 15, 8:01pm
*cough* jailbreak *cough* XBMC *cough*
I love my AppleTV2, but not Apple.

velenski, Jan 15, 8:48pm
raspberry pi raspbmc ,better than crapple tv.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 16, 1:00am
Not with slingshot are you! Someone on Geekzone complaining too, but appears to be an ISP issue rather than an Apple TV one.

dunedin_ree, Jan 16, 1:05am
You can rent movies using that!

I've got Boxee which is great but it still doesn't allow you to legally rent movies.Some of us don't mind paying $5 for a SD movie rental so AppleTV is still a good option.

vtecintegra, Jan 16, 5:01am
Your connection to where!

Do a speed test to an international server and see what the results are

velenski, Jan 16, 7:48pm
ummm not sure ,havnt looked at all the add ons .

diesel400, Jan 17, 2:48am
My connection to my wi-fi, using
Attempted to watch another movie last night and only took 12 minutes so a big improvement from the night before.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 17, 3:44am
speedtest won't tell you about traffic shaping or if there is a problem with the local NZ iTunes cache.

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